All That You Need to Know Before Buying Any Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

You must have seen various traps used for catching a mouse which are not only very messy to handle but also inconvenient to deal with dead mouse. The newly introduced ultrasonic pest repellers has taken care of such issues. Let us therefore try to know more details about this kind of repellers.

What are these ultrasonic repellers?

This is a kind of device that can emit ultrasonic or some kind of high frequency noise that cannot be detected by humans but can easily repel pests like bugs and mice as well that are generally found in homes or go downs. Most of the homeowners are curious to know about the effectiveness of such repeller particularly to get rid of mouse.

How such device really works?

The basic idea of repelling any pest by using sound waves was known to Chinese thousands of years ago and they used this technique to repel pests from their crops.

Ultrasonic means ultrasound where sound is generated at the frequency of 20 KHz. At this frequency we humans cannot detect through our ears. However, pests can detect this sound and it creates confusion, convulsion and sometimes even death which is due to a response known as audiogenic seizure response. This makes the pests uncomfortable and forces them to run away from their hide-out.

What kind of pests are affected?

Any best outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller available in the market can be effective for number of different pests. There are certain variety of repellents meant for mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders and ants while there are other varieties that are meant for fleas, squirrels and bats.

Most of these ultrasonic repellers are safe for other household pets like cats and dogs as they are not much affected due to these waves. However, domestic rodents e.g. hamsters and rabbits can get disturbed due to this. Therefore, while buying such repellers you must check the warnings given by its manufacturer.

Are these repellers very expensive?

There are many different manufacturers marketing this kind of repeller in the market and their price varies from $10 to $100. More the amount of features you demand the price will increase accordingly. You can buy repeller for any individual type of pest by choosing plug-in model.  If you want to use any big-sized room then you may need to use a number of them to make them really effective.  Most of the multi-pack models may cost anything between $25 to $35.

If you are looking for a repeller that has much longer range then it may cost around $25 to $100. Any reasonably good quality of repeller will cost you around $50 to $60.

Pros and cons of ultrasonic pest repellents


  • It is much safer device as compared to any other toxic chemicals
  • Not too expensive device and also consumes very little amount of power
  • This can work well for number of different pests


  • Many people still debate about their effectiveness
  • They do not completely eliminate the pests but reduce to some extent

Its range is short and may not be suitable for the entire house.

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