Expert Medical Witnesses at Your Service

No matter when you turn on the TV these days, you are probably inundated with ads for lawyers looking for clients, and large, national law firms looking for people for class action suits and medical malpractice suits. Certainly not every person who feels they’ve been wronged by some medical provider has a true malpractice case. But when cases do come along that are worthy of those malpractice discussions, you need to be able to locate and hire medical expert witness services.

Of course, there may be some cases where you’re just not sure if they rise to the level of malpractice or not. In those cases, it’s also good to be able to have a firm in your bullpen that can review the information to determine if there is a case there or not before filing suit.

Getting Someone with Experience

One of the best ways to know if you’re getting an expert medical witness with experience is to inquire how large their team of healthcare professionals is and what kind of cases they’ve handled. Ideally, you want someone with vast experience in the area in which your client’s case falls.

And because medical malpractice can involve more than just medical, you’ll want someone who has experience in and can be a medical witness for dental cases, as well, if that’s the kind of claim your client is making.

How to Choose a Firm

The first thing is you want to make sure that if you hire the firm, you’ll be able to speak to the same person about the case whenever you call, not be passed on to someone different every time. Speaking to the same person about your case from start all the way through depositions and to the end of the trial is important.

You’ll want to make sure you are getting expert medical advice from board-certified doctors and other medical professionals. But they should also be both comfortable and competent with medical litigation should your client’s case go that far.

You’ll want to hire a firm whose fees are low, or at least reasonable for both the review of the case and anything else above and beyond that initial review, including testifying at trial.

Things Have Changed

In recent years the number of medical malpractice lawsuits filed has gone down – mostly because of several things including tort reforms, increased patient safety initiatives, and greater scrutiny of cases by attorneys before they decide to file suit, or sometimes even take on a case. That said, claims that are filed are usually complicated, expensive and time-consuming, often for some of the same reasons. As a result, some attorneys have come to believe that it may be wise to find out in advance of doing a lot of paperwork and racking up court costs and billable hours, whether a case is good or not. They often do that by working with a company that provides medical expert witness services.

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