Zero Gravity Beanbags Concept and Reclining Position Benefits

With so much time spent in front of a computer or hunched over work desk sitting in poorly designed chair, you will definitely have muscle tension and pain at the end of day. Zero-gravity beanbags or recliners or chairs can help you in this situation.

Zero-G original concept

What really is Zero Gravity or Zero-G?  It is a reclining feature of a chair or beanbag resembling posture that astronauts need to employ during lift-off, when on space mission. As the astronauts endure sudden intense increase in gravity when they escape the gravitational pull of earth, it is important for them to position their body in a way to handle the stress increase.

Reclining position helps to distribute stress uniformly across the astronaut’s body.  Therefore, astronauts sit in reclined configured chair during launch of the space shuttle.

Zero-G beanbags construction

Reclining position in Zero-G beanbag helps to distribute your weight evenly across the surface. Expanded polystyrene beads are filled in the beanbag. The beads are durable and strong yet very resilient.

When bent or crushed out of shape, it rapidly regains its size and shape. It means beads get compressed without damaging its cushioning and airy qualities. The outer cover is designed from poly or cotton twill material.

Benefits of Zero-G beanbags

Unique angle of Zero-G beanbags allows users several health benefits.

Improves blood flow

Your blood pressure gets reduced as your legs are raised above heart level. Blood flow increases around body smoothly releasing stress on the heart. Sitting and relaxing on these specially designed Zero-G beanbags can save your life!

Relieves from back aches

As you sit on this specially crafted beanbag, all your body weight and pressure is taken away from your spine and transferred evenly on the whole body. People suffering from muscle tension or back issues can feel relieved. It helps them watch TV or read in a comfortable position along with necessary pain relief.

Offers rejuvenated sleep

Zero-G Beanbags are good alternatives for athletes, who go through intense physical exertion and stress their bodies regularly. When they sleep on the Zero-G beanbag their body feels weightless allowing them a good nap to rejuvenate and energize for next training session.

Reduces swelling in the legs

Elevating legs over heart level, while resting helps to avoid conditions like varicose veins. If you suffer from swelling in the legs then the position promotes blood circulation to your legs and decreases the swelling. Certainly, you can attain this same effect lying down and pulling two pillows under the legs. However, this does not sound or is impressive.

Improves your breathing

Reclining back at an angle enhances inhalation and exhalation process. Deep breathing is controlled and easy. Lungs get all the necessary fresh air, which circulates in your body making you feel fresh and relaxed

Allows meditation

Many people cannot sit on the floor with crossed leg to meditate because sitting in lotus position places stress on their muscles. Reclined beanbag position helps them avoid muscle fatigue. As they are angled facing sky-ward, it allows them to attain high meditation state in this more comfortable and natural way.

Many users feel that the price they paid for the Zero-G Beanbag is justifiable with plethora of benefits it offers.

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