How Does Electricity Based Shovels and Blowers Differ from Gas Based Ones?

With the nearing of the winter season, people expect to receive a good snowfall. Though it is an enjoyable experience, it can pose difficulty for them to clear a light accumulation of snow. Manual shoveling of is a pretty outdated task. People these days prefer electric based or gas-based shovels and blowers. To help you with the right selection, we are providing you detailed information about electric shovel and how it is beneficial over other available types. This will help you make the right decision.

Electric shovels

This machine is light in weight and quite convenient to use. A few of these shovels have got a “paddle style auger” that push the snow in forward direction like a broom. Electric snow blowers like these models are designed to throw away snowflakes several feet ahead. Electric snow shovel deal with a little snow accumulation spread over a small area like a car driveway or a short sidewalk. They are great to clear decks, porches, or stairways.

What they are not good at?

An electric shovel is not suitable to remove snow on unpaved or uneven ground. They lack the ability to handle accumulation of 4 or 5 inches of snow. So, if you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall, then an electric shovel won’t be effective. You need to look at other shovel alternatives.

Who should consider getting an electric shovel?

An electric shovel is an excellent upgrade designed for people who don’t have the arm or back strength needed to manually shovel snow. It is best for those who don’t live in areas that receive the type of snow accumulation that makes a snowblower essential.

What makes electric snow shovels affordable?

By buying an electric shovel, you can easily get benefitted from manual clearance of snow. You would not have to spend money on bigger machines that need you to make a handsome investment.

What makes electric shovels better than other options?

Electric snow shovels have got approximately twelve inches of clearance widths. It weighs a lot less than 15 pounds. Snow blowers on the other hand are larger in size. That makes them heavier, and bulky for some people. Electric shovels are most affordable snow clearing devices in the market. On an average, they are about half as expensive as the most other electric snow blower or single stage gas blower.

Electric snow shovels are easier to use as compared to the other snow blowers. You don’t need any great mechanical skill to keep the device performing well. On the contrary, gas powered snow blowers and 2 stage snow blowers need periodic maintenance. There are no air filters to clean or spark plugs to replace. With an electricity-based snow shovel, you need not worry about replacing the oil. It relieves you from the messy oil cans or smelly gas cans in the garage


Latest technological advancements have been successful to take away a lot of effort out of cleaning the driveway. If your walkway or driveway is not long, then buying a big, and powerful snow blower is useless. Choose a middle ground between manual shoveling and snow blowers. Going for an electric snow shovel makes it an ideal purchase.

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