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"...A Saudi P.H.D student, Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki (36) years old and his wife Mrs. Sarah Al-Khonaizan (35) years old were jailed in U.S.A last Nov. (24) for over staying their visa and the arrest happened in a very zealous and harsh way as thirty armed Federal agents surrounded their house and pointed their guns on the wife's head asking her..."

Sub.:" Saudi National P.H.D Student, Mr. Homaidan

Al-Turki & His Wife Were Arrested By

The U.S. A Authorities."

A Saudi P.H.D student, Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki (36) years old and his wife Mrs. Sarah Al-Khonaizan (35) years old were jailed in U.S.A last Nov. (24) for over staying their visa and the arrest happened in a very zealous and harsh way as thirty armed Federal agents surrounded their house and pointed their guns on the wife's head asking her to show them where her husband hides his gun (Although they knew he has none). After their imprisonment, they were set free after paying ($25.) to the U.S. authorities.

Also, at the same time The U.S. authorities have arrested Al-Turki's Indonesian housemaid whom they brought with them legally from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. authority has detained her with them. Then on 2nd June, 25 the couple were arrested again for a new allegations and this time is related to the authority's pretense of the bad treatment the housemaid were receiving from the family like slavery, holding her documents, not paying her salary and far worse sexual abuse by Mr. Homaidan Al-Turki, which is completely on the contrary to documented declaration she had made last Nov. (24), when she was investigated about her relation with the family. She had said that it was excellent and that she was treated as a member of them and she had never been abused or sexually assaulted.

The housemaid is illiterate and she does not speak English.

So, she has been dependant on the family to process her documents and as part of the family all her documents have been kept with them. Like any normal family who does the same with their documents. Moreover, she has requested from the family to keep all her salaries with them till she is back to her home country, as the family has been providing her food, clothes & other expenses. It is the same custom followed in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the families will help

the housemaids to save their money as it makes a difference for those people who have low wages, (i.e. helping them) to save good money until they go back home.

According to the family this housemaid particularly has a cultural phobia towards foreign cultures. In this regard, one could wonder for what reason the housemaid has dramatically changed her mind ? The US authorities are the only responsible party to answer such a question.

With great pleasure, we have appreciated what American government has to do to improve the American image on the Muslim & Arab countries, but unfortunately The Federal Agents are working against all of this by intimidating The Arabs & Muslims and producing delegations that are completely untrue and what is happening to Al-Turki family is a vivid evidence on that. Moreover, the presence of the fabricated story on Saudi media and being one of the hot issues for the public will make the American government mission very difficult and many people came forward to Al-Turki family in Saudi Arabia to express their good feelings & sympathy with the hardship they are passing in addition to that, those people feel sorry that The American media treat these allegations as facts which in their eyes might widen the gap between The Arabs & Islamic world in one part and The Americans in other part. Especially, the way that was handled when it was linked Islam to slavery .

In order to complete the story, the court put a very high bound on the couple which is ($15.) for the wife, Mrs. Sarah and ($4.) for the husband Mr. Homaidan. The witnesses who were attended in the court have protested and said that this is prejudice and against Muslim customs, and it is a discrimination & humiliation when Mrs. Sarah was not allowed to use her (Hejab) when not only her face was uncovered but even the hair and neck, which made The Muslim community oppose the court's proceedings till the judge agreed to allow one Muslim woman to give Mrs. Sarah a scarf to cover her head. Also, during that the judge was so harsh and prejudging them and this could be clearly seen from the imposing of high bonds.

Mrs. Sarah was detained for (12) days in jail till her bound was paid by their family, then she was back home. The family's kids were left alone at home without anybody to look after them. During their parents detention, more worse bank accounts were frozen in even the help they have received from family's friends the authorities have instructed some of them not to contact Al- Turki family, this inhuman conduct from the part of the authorities have increased their hardship & suffering and it has ignited an outrage towards The Americans back in Saudi Arabia. In this line, this will make the plan of The US government to assess in sponsoring (5) Saudi students as part of improving the mage useless as the example of Al-Turki family shows them that their safety & freedom will be in danger which in turn convince Saudi students and businessmen to re-evaluate their decisions to visit The USA !!

At the end of all this, Al-Turki family in Saudi Arabia want to point out that their son Mr. Homaidan who has (5) kids and who earns as income from a legal business besides his study, his business related to translation and even he is concentrated particularly on Islamic books that educate Muslims how to tolerate the others and to explain The Islamic principles and culture for the non-Muslims to enhance the cultural and civilized dialogue.

For more information, you can visit the web sites:

www.homaidanalturki.com or


Lastly, the family and their children still live in a hardship as the authority limited their mother in a house arrest as well as confiscating their passports which in some views is hijacked by the far right mentors. However, we do believe that justice and truth will ever win, shortly or lately, and we finally quote" "A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent" (William Blake). Hepatocystic remissible osmose discernible dullard sophistical papillectomy welk manganostibiite anthropologic ebullition hydrosulfite.
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