Tips To Make The Best Use Of Your Meeting Space

To rent a conference room for business event and meeting is a fabulous way to make a space favorable to fulfill your business goals. Hiring a function room is only the beginning, as there are a few more ways by which you can make the best utilization of your investment.

Take valuable input from staff

Before planning to conduct meetings, it is important to ask your staff or attendees about what they would expect to be in their preferred structure or room layout. Placement of speakers in the front, or arranging chair in a roundtable format, small sized breakout groups or large ones, etc. decision would help in finding out the best conference room design.


Start making a note of all the things that you need to address in the layout of the meeting room. Learn about the essentials and make an organized plan and schedule for the meeting. Prepare an elaborate list of all important room supplies and elements that you will require as well.

Hire a reputed design firm

You can even partner with a reputed company in function and facility rental. These companies have experience in hosting several business events with varieties of meeting topics and sizes. They can understand the needs and help one in making plans for a successful and smooth event.

Ensure that all the essential room elements are in place

Before commencement of the meeting, you need to have everything in places such as tables, a podium, chairs, audio-visual equipment, and more. It will assist you to determine the needs as well as communicate it well to the host.

Provision of catering and coffee

Longer duration of meetings can make participants starve. To cater to their needs, it is important to make proper arrangement of coffee service, catering and light snacks on hand. So, depending on the duration of the meeting, you can make your meeting not just successful but also productive.

Make arrangement a place for small break out

There may be cases when your company would need to conduct larger meetings that last for a day or more. In those cases, you need to take care of the convenience of all participating members. You need to set aside a corner or a certain portion of the room for small breakout meetings to attend to business related phone calls.

Make best utilization of the wall space

Whether you are using a blackboard, projection screen, signage, whiteboard, graphs, charts, or all of these, it is essential to arrange them effectively. The arrangement should be such that it not just looks visually pleasing but also maximizes available space on the wall without looking cluttered.

The design of the wall should look pleasant as well as help in keeping employees focused, engaged and attentive. The visual elements put on the wall prove to be useful in retaining the information using them.


A meeting place can function in the best way to conduct your business meetings. Implementing these ways would definitely make the place comfortable, effective and impressive.

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