Bring in some Positive Vibes to your Water Pond through the Right Filtration System

The first feeling that comes to our minds when we think of lush greenery is peace and tranquillity. If you are a nature lover, then the thought of installing a water pond in your garden might have crossed your mind. If you already have one installed in your garden, then you need to maintain it on a regular basis.

Fresh and Clean Water keeps the Pond Thriving

A dirty pond is not an appealing sight for the eyes. Not to forget the stench that comes with it. Dirty pond water can even invite mosquitoes and build algae. You need to maintain the health of your water pond on a regular basis.

A few tips that might come handy here would be:

  • Check your pond pumps and filters for debris and clean them regularly
  • Control the fish population in your pond
  • Keep a check on the plants thriving in your pond
  • It should be too overcrowded depending on the size of your ponds
  • Use the right filtration tools to remove debris
  • Keep changing the water on a regular basis so that fish can get fresh oxygen to thrive
  • Choose the right type of water pumps for your pond

Choosing the Right Filters for your Water Pond

Your water pond is not complete without a pond filter. A balanced pond can create a safe environment for the aquatic life. Here is where a pond filter can help you. Stores like Swell pond supplies have a wide variety of pond supplies and even offer filtration advice for their clients.

Ensure that you do not forget the skimmer. Skimmers help to filter large floating debris from the pond, thereby keep the surface clear and preventing the debris to hit the pond floor. Skimmer can help collect big leaves that might have fallen and clogging the pond surface.

In addition to this, skimmers also help to collect organic compounds that can cause a thin film or bubbles to form on your pond.  Skimmers can be of two types:

  • Box Skimmers
  • Floating Skimmers

Understanding the Different Water Filters

If you are planning on purchasing a water filter for your pond, you first need to understand what type of water filter will suit your pond. Some of the different types of water filters that you might come across are:

  • Mechanical Filters
  • Biological Filters
  • Sterilizers

Mechanical filters help to collect algae and leaves and remove them from your pond.  Biological filters allow the beneficial bacteria to grow and feed on water impurities and fish waste. Sterilizers make use of UV light to collect suspended particles. It also helps to sterilize algae, thereby keeping your pond thriving and clean.

Many people generally go for both mechanical and biological filtration systems, so that they get the benefits of both the world. If you have fish in your pond then these would definitely come in handy as fish require more filtration than only a plant filled pond.


A good functioning filtration system can improve the water quality of your pond. You can use these filters to either upgrade your pond or use them for your new pond.

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