Helpful Tips When Buying Scented Candles For your home

The fragrance of scented candle enlivens the entire place. Selection of the right scented candle is important to create the right atmosphere. The aroma of the scented candles enhances the ambience of each and every part of your house. If you are thinking of buying a scented candle, then there are a few tips to assist you in making the wise decision.

Consider the space

You shouldn’t burn the same scented candle in all the rooms of your house. There are different aromas of scented candle available in the market. Ginger, Orange Blossom diffusers etc. are some of the popularly used candles in kitchen and bathrooms. Wiff Scents are one of the best ways to perfume a room and make it more pleasant.

When choosing the scent, you need to select the one that matches with your general vibe. It should be linked to the type of feelings you want to express or the kind of decoration you have in your house. If your house is painted mostly in grays and blues, then choose something herbal. If your house is mostly painted in red with a lot of brick work, then choose a woody fragrance.

Mixing different smells

Many people also use a combination of fragrances by burning more than single candle at a time. A blend of ivy and rose works best in the living room as it gives freshness to people. The objective is to look for the scents that complement each other. Pairs of amber fragrances such as Benjoin and Opoponax is great in any room.

Going floral

Floral scents are not just for women. Many people who don’t like masculine scent, can try floral fragrances. You can even try the fragrance of tuberose or lilac when you are buying a candle.


Experimenting different types of fragrances will actually help you find the right fragrance to suit your taste. Once you find your right fragrance, you should stick to it. Let it become your signature smell. It will make people relate you with it.

How to take the best care of your candle?

When you light a candle for the very first time, you should leave it for burning for a long time till the entire top portion of the candle gets into a molten wax state. As wax has got a memory and so when you burn it next time, it will only ignite to the same diameter.

Trimming of the wick is also essential before you light it. This goes for all types of candles. When the sides of the glass become smoky and black, then it can be due to the wick becoming lengthy at the time of lighting it. Trimming it will elongate the life of the candle.


A scented candle has a great impact on your mood. The exotic or exhilarating smell of the candle can elevate you from a bad mood. These are the tips that would help you find the right note and the candle that is ideal for you.

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