Turf Buying and Laying Tips for Homeowners

Are you planning to create a lawn? If ‘yes’ is your answer to my question then here are the 2 options which are available for you.

  • The first choice includes creating a lawn with the turf. This is one of the easy ways to create an instant lawn.
  • The second option includes choosing grass seeds for creating a lawn. This traditional way of creating a lawn can consume a lot of time of yours. In fact, it is a very lengthy process and can take a lot of time for creating a lawn.

By this time, you would have understood which one is best for home owners. The first option would be the best choice for home owners.

What is the best time of year to lay turf?

There are lots of people who ask this question in open forums. If you are one among them then have a look below to know when to lay turf.

If you are creating a lawn for the first time then it can be really confusing for you about where to start and when to start. Early autumn and spring are always the best time to lay turf.

Why spring is the best time to lay turf?

Spring is the best time to lay turf. Have a look below to know the reasons.

  • Soil is Moist and Warm: Experts generally suggest homeowners to lay turf on moist and warm soil. In fact, moist and warm soil would be very ideal for laying the turf. However, one important thing which you should remember here is new turf requires proper watering. Hence, you should make sure that proper watering is done to your new turf.
  • Easy Ground Preparation: It is very difficult for laying the turf during winter as the ground will be more frozen during that time. Hence, it is better to lay turf during early autumn or spring.

Things to take care of while buying turf

Most of the people generally buy turf without working on it beforehand. Remember, you should always calculate how much turf you require for creating a lawn as per your requirement. This will help you to avoid buying too little or too much turf, which in turn helps you to save your money.

Check from your seller about the disease and insect treatments as well beforehand. This will help you to take the right action when your turf gets affected with any disease or insects. Make sure that you avoid turf which contains nylon mesh.

Where can I find the best turf?

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