How to Buy Nickel Switchplate Covers?

Are you looking for a way to modernize your home’s interior design without spending a lot of money? A great option is to switch out the outlet and switch plates in your home. Swapping out a generic, white plastic switchplate with a sophisticated nickel switchplate makes a dramatic change throughout the house without an expensive price tag.

If you’re interested in purchasing new cover plates, consider the benefits of installing a nickel wallplate.

 Nickel Complements All Styles

You want a versatile color and design that goes with all different types of furniture and architectural style. When you choose nickel switchplate covers, you get a product that goes with enough different styles that one could call it a neutral color.

Does neutral scare you? Are you looking for something with a little more pizzazz or wow factor? Nickel isn’t the new beige. It’s a cool color that can be mixed and matched with nearly any style.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that nickel is too cold for their home. That it takes away warmth from the home, which is why many people turn to brushed copper plates. One way to get away from feeling like your home is too silver (the color that nickel usually gets called) is to not use the same style throughout the entire home.

Mixing and matching nickel switchplate designs is a designer trick that adds interest and texture to the home. For example, in the bathroom you might want a brushed nickel cover plate that has a deco floral design. In the hallways and laundry area, you might select a basic nickel cover plate. However, in the bedrooms, kitchen, and living areas, you may opt for a textured, antique nickel cover plate. As long as the switchplates and wallplates throughout the home are in the same color family, the design won’t look mismatched. It will look like you spent a fortune on an expensive designer.

 Save Money on New Switchplates

When you decide to upgrade your switchplates, skip the home improvement store. Don’t spend your precious time going through cardboard bins to find boring switch covers. Instead, shop online at a discount wall plates dealer.

Online stores like these have hundreds of choices that fit all budgets. From inexpensive cover plates to higher end products, you’ll find enough variety at a price that pleases. When you’re ready to shop online for a nickel switchplate or outlet cover, make sure you read the return policy and order what you need at one time. You’ll save money on the shipping and ensure you get the plates you want.

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