Step into Safety with Your Bathtub Shower Combo

We hear all our lives the term “safety first,” so as we feel your bones aging, it’s important to protect our health, bodies, and future. A safe bathtub shower ensures incredible and convenient safety stepping assurances into your bathing environment. Measures are in place to protect you at every angle ensuring that you love your new bathtub and shower combo. An all-in-one package provides you with comfort and ease of mind knowing that you have the best of both worlds to shower or bathe. The rainfall shower head inside soothe you as if you are bathing in a beautiful rainforest. Just close your eyes and allow the gentle water streams to flow over your body.

Ignite Your Own Home Spa

With a new bathtub shower, you’ll have a pure spa-like experience that offers not only safety and protection while showering, but also a hand-held shower wand that gives you a simple tool for rinsing your body and hair. Its reach is adjustable so you can access with no troubles. With advanced air therapy, ten total hydro-jets and dual hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy, you can also bathe in the realm of luxury. Foot massaging jets for optional bathing will further relax your body from any stress or anxiety. You can sit or stand with a convenient seated-shower capability.

Create a Safe Haven for Showering

Climbing in and out of a traditional bathtub can be very dangerous for seniors. A walk-in tub and shower protects you from all of that with a simple door that opens and provides a secure step in area. Comfort and security are at the forefront of this amazing product that offers you a safe haven for showering or bathing. Independently use your bath tub with its anti-slip surface. Spend gentle moments relaxing in a clean system with mold-resistant gel coating and an anti-scald technology. A quick-rinse drain offers the ability to wrap up when you need to, and built-in grab bars, as well as a wider door, gives you plenty of space and convenience to get in and out of your bathtub and shower unit.

Rejuvenate Your Bathing Experience

If you suffer from damaged, dry, or rough skin, the MicroSoothe feature of the bathtub shower combo will leave you feeling deeply clean, exfoliated, and hydrated. Micro-bubbles open up your skin’s pores erasing the toxins from your body while instilling renewable oxygen. A new adjustable headrest and heated seat back will allow you to sit back and enjoy all of the jets in this amazing bathtub shower combo.


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