Do You Want to Know How to Clean Sheepskin Rugs? A Few Tips

If you are regularly using woolen carpets and enjoying the soft feel and its warmth then after sometime due to the movement of people, it can tend to become dirty. Now you need to think of maintaining its cleanliness so that it does not give dirty appearance.

While buying these rugs, if the supplier has given any specific instructions, then it is better to follow them, otherwise you may lose your warranty. However, if no such specific instructions given then you can read this article, where we will discuss few common methods to keep the sheepskin rugs clean.

As a regular care of such carpets, you need to regularly brush the carpet fibers by using a wire brush. You may also occasionally shake the carpet or vacuum clean it. Let us now discuss how it can be washed.

Washing methods

  • Spot cleaning

You may use any mild detergent or a detergent that is non-iconic, non-alkaline and does not contain any kind of biological enzymes. Some of the enzymes or bleach may counter-act with the tanning process and sometimes it can be harmful to sheepskin too. Therefore, you must use those soaps which are biodegradable and prefer not to use too strong cleaning agent to protect the fiber.

  • Machine wash

While doing machine washing do it in gentle cycle and can use either cold or warm water. If there are dark colored pelts present then prefer not to use washing machine, as it can either bleed the color or it may fade. If the dirt is too stubborn you can use sheepskin cleaner/shampoo and soak in it for 20 minutes.

  • Dry cleaning

You can also dry clean the carpet, by using either hydrocarbon, white sprit or perchlorethylene

Drying method

After washing you need to stretch or leave it in flat position while the carpet is damp. In order to get better results, you can use wire brush and try to fluff up the fiber. However, never try to use any dryer on the sheepskin carpet. Even best setting of carpet may be disturbed or shrunk and may cause hardening of pelt.

After the carpet is dried out you need to give a vigorous shake to the carpet so that its soft and fluffy appearance may again be restored.

Soring back the carpet

After cleaning and drying operation, you must choose a cool or airy area where there is no direct sunlight available. Prefer not to store the carpet within the plastic bag for a longer duration. The fiber will not properly breathe if it remains enclosed within the plastic bag.  If the climate is warm then condensation may occur inside the plastic bag, which will damage the sheepskin pelt after few days.

If you want to fold the carpet and store it then it will not harm it. There will be crease due to folding but once you spread your carpet it will be gone after some time. Just give your carpet a big shake while placing it on the floor. You can also brush the fiber gently.

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