Few Reasons Why Customized Tote Bags Are Efficient Marketing Tools

Businesses are making use of many techniques to endorse their bran. Nevertheless, choosing tote bags to promote their product or services will really help to carry a message in an outstanding manner. They are employed as flexible marketing tools for all kinds of retail brands, charities, schools, business giveaways and more.

Take a look at few reasons why customized tote bags are actually an amazing marketing tool.

Customizable tote bags are like your personal portable bill boards. There is no need to pay rental monthly fee. The bags have vast space to imprint your logo and messages.

Valuable brand impressions

People use them daily, which offers your brand daily exposure. They become your brand ambassador spreading your message everywhere they go. It does not matter what you wish to carry….well, tote it! Free advertising…….

Presto! You can launch your tote bag order online at Custom printing: we can personalize any of our products. You can get these new marketing materials in just a week delivered at your doorsteps.

They support

Tote bags can be customized to hold things ranging from beach gear to picnics, books to clothing, jewelry or delicate paper to plain delicious food items. For example, you can bulk order retail clothing tote bags that are reusable with sturdy handles. Even have your brand logo imprinted to transform one-time shopper in a loyal consumer. You get plenty of colors to select from. Many tote bags can support 22 pounds and more weight. You can even use them to carry pamphlets or small promotional items. It is the best versatile and practical marketing tool.

Turn eco-friendly

Reusable customized promotional tote bags appear nicer than the plastic or paper shopping bags. They last longer allowing your customer to keep reusing them. Today, it is a necessity to consider strategies of reducing use of plastic bags.

Why avoid plastic bags and use reusable bags?

  • Average plastic bag can take thousands of years to decompose, so it will remain in the landfill for centuries.
  • Million birds, turtles, and other aquatic animals die every year from eating plastic bags [they think floating bag are jellyfish or plankton].
  • Recycling bag cost is very high.
  • Many recyclers never accept them.
  • Just 2% plastic bags get recycled, while rest get stuck in landfills or float in oceans leaching toxins in water and soil.
  • On the other hand, for making paper bags 14 million trees in the US are chopped every year.

Advantages of using reusable tote bags

  • Cost effective means no throwing them away but wash and reuse.
  • Strongly constructed, so can be used for several years.
  • Shopping discounts are offered at several grocery stores to customers using reusable bag.
  • Carrying the reusable jute bag is easy on the hands.
  • No concerns about bag getting torn, while carrying the groceries.

Lastly, you can use the reusable tote bag as a promotional tool and place your brand before the prospects and customers. These bags will be moving around for years, so an efficient marketing campaign from cost perspective.

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