How Carpets Can Affect the Indoor Air Quality of a Commercial Business

When it comes to cleanliness, air quality is one of the aspects that has special significance. When you are making arrangement for cleaning of a commercial space, you need to consider the quality of air as well. Fresh and pure air will keep your employees healthy, and disease free. This will in turn help in obtaining higher productivity at the workplace. One of the factors that can impact the air quality is the carpet. So, you need to pay special attention to your office carpets and ensure that they are properly and regularly cleaned.

What are the factors that cause poor indoor air quality?

Contaminants such as fungi, mold, and dust tend to accumulate inside the ducts and vents of the HVAC system. They also get spread to all the different parts of the building. Such type of circulation results into occurrence of illnesses and its quick spread in the environment.

Modern buildings are developed to provide a tight sealing between the interior and exterior to lessen cooling and heating expense. The disadvantage of this arrangement is that the inside air gets recirculated. This implies more and more pollution to get added into the air. An executive office space makes use of several materials that discharge volatile organic compounds and result in poor indoor quality of air.

Commercial carpets have got fibers in it that accumulate dirt, debris, dust, and other types of contaminants. All of these get easily released as well as circulated via the HVAC system of the building. One of the important ways is to enhance indoor air quality is by employing a commercial cleaning service provider to clean your carpets on a periodic basis.

How professional assistance help in enhancing indoor air quality?

Experienced professionals at commercial cleaning Melbourne, are experts in offering superior quality commercial cleaning service. Their highly-trained cleaning professionals work towards working with clients to clean as well as maintain commercial facilities for regular cleanings, project services and emergencies.

By assisting in keeping carpets clean, professionals at office cleaning Melbourne help by not just providing better air for visitors and employees, but also enhance business productivity by lowering health issues, caused due to polluted air.

Why selection of the right carpet is important?

Carpeting is often the main sources to create office air pollution inside a commercial space. Carpet maintenance can greatly influence the quality of indoor air in your office. What most of the people fail to realize is that the kind of carpet they install at the workplace, along with the installation method can have a direct influence on the indoor air quality.

Thus, selection of your carpet is important and it should be done wisely. Selection of the building furnishings and materials will reduce the extent of indoor air pollution. Thus, it is important to carefully select quality carpets that are not just easy to clean but also do not retain pollutants.


Maintaining office hygiene is one of the most important things that a business should focus on. Ensuring cleanliness of carpet in your office space will enhance the indoor air quality. Inhaling pure air will keep everyone in that space healthy and vitalized.

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