How to Create Bohemian Interior Décor with Ease?

Bohemian interior décor has been popular for ages because it allows to follow your personal style making the space comfortable in your own way. It usually features an assorted mix of ethnic influenced prints, patterns, and textures.

The folkloric motifs, fabrics, and clothing defines an entire generation seen in the blend of patterns, colors, and textures. Look is still alive but in recent years it has been restated as boho-style, which gets reflected in the selection of window treatment, furniture, accessories, and rugs.

Using throw, tapestries, and pillows generously creates a feel of ‘organized chaos’s’. It also means a cluttered interior but still welcoming and comfortable.

Blend of patterns, colors, and textures in boho-style

Depending on your comfort level, you may decide to create mixtures of eclectic elements and bold colors. Rugs are the best way to convey style and color. For example, try eye-popping blend of orange and hot pink bohemian rugs or combine some neutrals for stronger contrast. Maintain room’s energy as well as add calming effect use muted colors and earthy tones with exotic patterns.

Keep wall, chairs, and couches in cream or white to create extra stronger contrast. Bring pillows, curtains, and quilts in different combination of jewel-toned fabrics to liven the neutral elements. For extra cohesive look blend bright patterns and prints of same color family.

To gain an organic touch add indoor greenery to boho interiors. Homeowners can take advantage of this hippy style and place plants in baskets. The baskets need to be made from natural raw materials like wood, cotton, sisal, and rattan. So, when it is the subject of greenery ranging from tabletop terrariums and miniature cacti to split leaves and elephant ear plants boho-chic style is the best.

Bohemian intonation ideas

  • Bold prints ranging from exotic floral designs to colorful geometrics
  • Canopies over the bed add romantic touch
  • Moroccan lanterns create mood lighting
  • Wall hangings in the form of handcrafted macramé or tribal rug are essential for a boho home feel
  • Cushy ottoman is a comfortable seat upholstered in patchwork fabric
  • Indoor plants in abundance is needed to gain that nomadic feel
  • Beaded curtains are gypsy inspired helps to introduce exotic feel and creates open space, when used in substitute for doors
  • Sheepskin throws tossed over chair or on bed adds visual interest and warmth

Tips to pick right kind of rug for Bohemian interior decor

  • Pick rug that suits the room theme or start with rug that sets right tone.
  • Flokati or soft, fluffy rug can add warmth and texture underfoot in the bedroom, where foot traffic is less.
  • Colorful flat rugs are versatile and can be used as throw, tapestry and carpet.
  • Traditional border rugs or vintage styled ones make exclusive addition, while portraying central medallion or tribal pattern design in bright, contemporary colors to offer a new and old look.
  • Layering Kilim over large jute rug helps to create complex texture. Blend multiple textures including hair, natural fibers, or flat weave, which merge well perfectly. It helps to bring color and life to a provisional space intersecting several decorative rugs down the entryway, hallway, or mudroom.

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