How to Select an Interior Designer

If securing assistance from a Bay Area interior design firm is on the to-do list, there are several important things to consider, many of them covered in this blog. Read on to get prepared for the adventure, anticipation, and the process of closing the gap between vision and current reality.

Where to Start

It isn’t easy to get to a point where the details about one’s living space are subject to analysis and discussion. Let’s face it – while it may be modest, there is still a degree of intimacy involved in defining what makes a house a home, especially design-wise. For many people it isn’t something a (non-artistic) person talks about. But bringing in an interior designer will prompt the conversation, so consider the following suggestions as preparation:

  • What really catches your eye? What do you love to look at? Maybe it’s a quilted maple acoustic guitar. Fine, start accumulating those items, or pictures of them.
  • Where do you take your ideal vacation? Oceanside? And is it the Pacific Northwest ocean, or the Bermuda ocean? Whatever, think about it.
  • What do you most like to do at home? Cook, relax and read, entertain? And is it an intimate setting, or is it having a dozen friends on hand?
  • Are there patterns of cloth, wallpaper, or furniture you enjoy? And if you could be surrounded with artwork, what would it be?
  • What brings a smile to your face?

Next Steps

Choosing from among Bay Area interior designers starts with a thorough review of their web sites and looking at their previous work, hopefully featured in design and architecture periodicals. It should become apparent what their orientation and philosophical approach to a project will be. This is important in order to distinguish what you think is just nice, and what really draws you in and speaks to you. And if another picture or series of pictures piques your interest, that’s fine as well. Gather as much visual detail as possible.

Finally, think about movement and space. It may be a challenge to have an open great room connected to a kitchen in an early 20th century row house, but consider all the options. Your designer will know architects if that becomes necessary.

The goal is to create a unique and comfortable space for both you and those around you, and a Bay Area interior design professional has the exact same goal.

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