Ask These Questions Before You Hire Any Carpet Cleaning Company

Are you planning to hire carpet cleaning company? Before you decide to hire a suitable carpet cleaning company, it will be worthwhile to ask them few relevant questions.

Here are few questions that you need to ask them to learn more about these carpet cleaners.

  1. Can you show any good testimonials or references?

Any good carpet cleaning service provider are usually hard to get as they are usually booked in advance.

Also, after each job they pay a visit to their customer to do quality check and ensure full satisfaction of their client and obtain a testimonial too. In case, there is any issue then they will try to address it immediately.

  1. What type of experience are you having?

By asking this question you will be able to know since when they are involved in this business. More the years they are in carpet cleaning business better will be their skills as well as quality of their work.

  1. Are you well versed in this field?

Unfortunately, most of the companies continue with their age-old techniques while they are in this business. Nowadays there are many new and advanced carpet cleaning methods available which can be quite cost effective.

Make sure that the company is regularly updating with the latest cleaning method and also certified by any organization like IICRC.

  1. What kind of systems are you using?

Make sure that the carpet cleaner to whom you are short listing for the job are using high-power truck-mount steam cleaning system. This is presently the best class of service systems available in the market.

Also, ensure that the cleaner will send their personal on appointed hour and will treat their customer with courtesy.

  1. Can I get if I bargain for?

Prefer not to select any cleaning service company only based on price. There are few companies who will convince you to believe that you will get quality service even at very low cost.

Their aim is to advertise them as low-price vendor and after hiring, you will know that their low price will not include that you really need.

  1. Are you offering any guarantee for your work?

If you get involved with any uneducated or any downright unscrupulous company for carpet cleaning then it will be very difficult for you to fix any problem which shows up immediately after few days of their service.

Therefore, make sure before hiring the cleaning company if they offer any warranty /guaranty for their service.

  1. Do you have any referral bonus program?

Many good companies often like to reward you if you send any clients to them. This will not only promote their business but also you can get little incentives for recommending many of your friends to avail their services.

  1. Are you insured and licensed?

Any reputable businesses will have insurance for protecting not only them but also their clients. So, make sure that the cleaning service provider has got valid business liability insurance. Also, they must have necessary license to provide their service.

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