Common Pitfalls Home Sellers Need to Avoid and Get Highest Possible Price

Home is a large asset for majority of owners, so when they are determined to sell it significant money is at stake. From this significant investment anyone will wish to get maximum cash back. Moreover, homeowners are emotionally attached to the property and are prone to make errors, especially those who are selling for the first time.

Common pitfalls homeowners need to avoid and get highest possible price

Get involved emotionally

Remember you are selling an asset and not your memories. Look at the transactions from financial perspective and make changes [staging or remodeling] to distance from the emotional feel of selling home.

Not hire real estate agency

Real estate agency commands significant commission but a first-time home seller is not advised to sell on their own. If you reside in Orlando then visit online to check on some local real estate agencies. ‘we buy houses orlando, fl’ is a program, which offers home sellers full cash price, even for many unsellable houses. Help from experienced listing agent in pricing, marketing, negotiating, and closing process guidance is valuable.

Set an unrealistic price

Setting rice home sale price is crucial. Buyers also compare market analysis to see if the price offered is fair or not. Overpricing homes obviously don’t sell and setting rates on low side than markets true value can generate many bids. Certainly, you can refuse too low offers but underpricing helps to generate more attention in your listing.

Expect to get asked price

Many people list homes at a price to attract buyers. Some breathing space is left for negotiations, which contradicts underpricing strategy defined above. However, even this can work. Buyer feels that he/she is getting good value and you get the expected amount from sale. Smart buyers will negotiate, so pricing strategy will also depend on how well your home is staged and modernized.

Sell in winter

Real estate sector is slow in winter as it is cold and buyers like to stay home. Few buyers are on a lookout for homes and the deal may not be profitable. If you can’t wait till the next season then take some comfort in thinking that even if there are fewer active buyers there are few competing sellers.

Skimp on photo quality

Today, buyers check photos posted on real estate websites first prior contacting the homeowners. To make listing more attractive clear and crisp photos of your home are needed. Professionals can help to capture best assets of your homes using wide angle lends.

Buyers get a good idea of the room and its surrounding. Poor quality photos from your mobile phones can avert buyers from your listing.

Deliberately conceal important issues

Remember, if there is a significant issue on the property, the potential buyer will discover it during inspection, so never hide such things. It is better to repair the issue in advance or price the home considering this problem.

If the issue is not fixed in advance the number of buyers who wish a turkey home will be reduced. Home inspection prior listing helps to avoid the expensive surprise cost, the moment house is under contract. Disclosure rules are mandatory in many states.

Believe staging to be waste of money

Failing to de-clutter and stage home reduces the sale price. Having professionals to stage your home is a good idea to sell home quickly and at good price.

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