What Kinds of Problems You Can Face by Using Industrial Air Compressor?

Most of the industries who are involved in heavy duty work that will require industrial air compressors which are efficient as well as durable. By keeping all these compressors working smoothly may save your business hours, money and aggravation.

If your industrial air compressor turns into problematic, then it may cause certain delay in few of the services in providing compressed air for instance which are offered to various customers.

In case, you are not sure whether you really need new air compressor, then do not jump into buying a new one until the old unit is properly examined by the repair technician.

Until your air compressor is either repaired or replaced, you can also prefer to rent another air compressor. Most of the rental companies usually will have air compressors with them in many different ranges of models.

Hence, you can always be able to obtain one air compressor which can meet the requirements of your business operation.

In this small post, we will try to cover few common things which can really cause problems for certain industrial air compressor.

  1. Possibility of problem with your oil

It must be understood as a user that oil is certainly one of the important things that your industrial air compressor should necessarily have for its proper function.

Few important internal parts of your compressor may get damaged if there is always a shortage of sufficient amount of oil present in the compressor.

In case, some of the parts gets damaged because of such a silly reason, then you will have to get your compressor repaired.

Therefore, you must get more amount of oil placed inside your compressor. Even contaminated oil is also responsible of causing many problems, so you will have to make sure that you get it drained first and then replace with new oil.

  1. There are possibilities of electrical problems in your air compressor

Quite often, it may be possible that the air compressor may not function properly as there are certain electrical issues. Such problems may stem from your compressor or it may be due to any fault in the wiring of your warehouse.

There can be possibility of malfunctioning circuit breakers which are not sending right amount volts at the outlet which is meant for powering the compressor.

You can try using the compressor at some other outlet to check if the problem gets resolved. Better to hire a repair professional to check if the compressor’s power chord is damaged or any other electrical problems exist.

  1. The temperature of your building can be the problem

There can be the possibility that temperature of your building may be too high for proper functioning of the air compressor. Usually, a compressor will overheat due to   an insufficient air flow through the parts.

There can be burning odor too if your compressor is getting overheated. Your compressor may also shut down by itself after short periods due to heating problem and that should be immediately addressed.

Otherwise there can always be a chance of catching fire.

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