Eight Signs That Your Garbage Disposal System Needs Repair

In case your garbage disposal system is functioning properly then it can keep your pipes and sinks clean. However, if any problem arises because of your disposal, then these issues may impact your way of cooking, washing up or keeping your kitchen clean.

Though in few cases, garbage disposal problems may be repaired while in some other cases you may need to replace it completely.

In this post, we will list eight indicators which will indicate that you need immediate garbage disposal service to solve the issue.

1.  Inexplicable clogs

There is every possibility that some of your food particles may pass through the drain due to your wrong cleaning habits, that may result into clogging of garbage disposal.

You may need the services of a plumber Alexandria VA to check and advice whether you need higher capacity model or it can be repaired.

   2.  Abnormal noises

Quite often if any metal parts end up going into garbage system due to your carelessness then the disposal system may create lots of noise. You too may check by using light or by putting your hand, if any spoon or certain other kitchenware has got into it.

   3.  Frequent resets

Though rest button has been provided in the garbage disposal system to set right certain unusual situation, however if on too many occasions you need to reset then maybe your present system needs replacement soon.

    4.  No power

Check the wiring in case your garbage disposal system’s power does not turn on. If the electrical system seems ok then you must do schedule inspection. Usually, the reason can also be due to failed motor too.

    5.  Persistent odors

If the stale food continues to remain within the garbage system then it may create foul smell which may respond with gentle cleaning.

If all these do not resolve the problem the perhaps you need to call a professional to sort out the problem. You must avoid using chemicals as that can damage its component.

     6.  Planned renovation

While you are planning any renovation of your kitchen then you may consider of replacing the old system however it may not be compulsory too. Only if the system has been too old then you must consider this.

Usually most of these disposal systems can work satisfactorily till 10 years and it is much older than that then replacement is necessary.

     7.  Poor performance

If you notice that your disposal system has become too slow and taking very long time to clear the clogging then perhaps its blades need either to be replaced or sharpened.

In certain extreme cases, you may also have to replace the total system.

     8.  Water leaks 

Over a period of time, water may be seeping through few areas where the disposal gets connected to the other plumbing system. Quite often, the problem is large enough to get noticed whether it may need replacement.

Even if you ever notice multiple problems as listed above then you need to contact any trusted plumber in your area to get it inspected.

You should not live with the problem for pretty long time so that it may not become an emergency issue soon.

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