Look for These Five Signs to Check Whether Your Ducts Need Cleaning

If there is presence of dust particles and mold spores then it can be the reason for irritation even if you are in best of your health. Problems like sneezing or watery eyes is very common.

If you are suffering from asthma, allergies, bronchitis or any other respiratory conditions, then airborne particles e.g. dust, pet dander, pollen and insect droppings is even more detrimental.

Regular air duct cleaning in Shreveport can help you to improve air quality of your home, and also by selecting right HVAC provider, you can be certain that it will be done professionally, correctly and when it will be beneficial for your comfort and health.

Signs to check you really need your ducts cleaning

Air ducts will only need proper cleaning in most of the cases, after every 3 to 5 years, though you can choose to clean them more often, in case your home is located in very dusty or an allergen-prone area.

Also, if recently you have had any work done in your home e.g. painting or a major repair work etc. Few of the common signs that the ducts may need cleaning include as follows:

  1. Verified mold growth

In case you or also your HVAC provider notice mold growing in your ductwork, your contaminated area must be tested for ensuring it is mold, but not dirt or any other substance.

In case mold is present, your ducts must be sanitized and cleaned, and the balance area of HVAC system must be inspected for any problems.

2. Excessive debris

In case your air ducts already have accumulated sufficient dust and debris for causing blockage or airflow restrictions, the ducts must be cleaned. In case, there is dust found on the air-vents or debris inside the duct openings, then you may have problem.

Your HVAC system need to work much harder for keeping your home comfortable, when your ducts remain restricted, increasing your energy bills and also leading to excessive wear and tear of the component.

3. Pest infestations

Have you recently faced any problem with rodents, insects or any other pests at home? If yes, then it is very important to get your ducts properly cleaned for preventing the allergens spread and any disease-causing microorganisms.

Things like dander from vermin, viruses and bacteria, and the droppings from insects that carry germs can present serious health issues.

4. Increased allergy symptoms

In case, your air ducts can be found dirty and people who suffer from asthma or allergies have had worse symptoms, then it can be good time to get your air ducts thoroughly cleaned.

As your HVAC system may recirculate the air at home, allergens are deposited inside ductwork, particularly if air filter is clogged, damaged or missing.

5. Too much household dust

In case your home is too dusty than normal, or often you need to change your air filter, then it may be good reason to get your ducts cleaned.

It is particularly true if recently you have done remodeling, major cleaning or other work which tends to create dust.

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