Different Factors That Suggest to Use Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services

At one point of time, everyone have to move to different location from their old rented place. However, most of the tenants and landlords often have dispute with the deposit money as the landlord expect tenant to leave the premise in same condition as it was given. While staying at home and cleaning all curtains and furniture you feel that you have kept the house in very good condition. However, once all items are removed from their place you can see grime coating and dust piled up at the base. These areas are difficult to clean as there isn’t enough space to move duster or vacuum cleaner on it.

Now that you have seen pile of dust, it is your core job to return the house in same condition. This is done so that landlord doesn’t have to invest money on cleaning the place again. Now, either you can do it by yourself and waste your time or you can hire a professional. Of course you will hire a professional because you can’t get tired in cleaning all that mess especially the cobwebs on the ceiling where you can’t reach. Moreover, your moving service has transported all your belongings to the new home, so you need to arrange that as well.

Price of every cleaning company differs with the kind of work given to them. If it is just cleaning the basic things like bathroom, floor etc. then they might charge less, but if you’ve the entire house including curtains, walls, ceilings etc., and then they might charge you more. Different areas have different price rate. Hence it is difficult to say how much is an end of tenancy clean service charging at different scenarios?

As a beginner you might not know the correct pricing structure and companies might bluff you with pricing. Hence here some important factors that can help you understand –

  • Property size
  • Contamination of Property

Property size

It is wise to ask the company for a thorough inspection so that they can understand the quality of cleanliness which will be required. Often the prime factor that affects the cost is the property size. If the house is big the price will be higher.

It does matter if it is one bedroom or two bedrooms flat because as ere the dimension of the house, the number of bathrooms also increases. This means in a two bedroom flat bathrooms will be more to clean compared to a one bedroom flat.

Contamination of Property

End of contract cleaning doesn’t involve the ordinary cleaning process of vacuum and dusting, but it involves thorough cleaning of all places. For example, a refrigerator cannot be moved frequently from its place to clean at the back. This result in pile of dust, cobwebs and grimes.

Once refrigerator is removed the entire area is wide open to be seen and it is the cleaning company’s job to remove every dust from the wall and floor to make it look new. Therefore, the conditions in which you will leave the house, will decide the mount the company will charge.

There will be many other services that might not be comprised in the regular cleaning process. Regular cleaning includes cleaning of walls, ceiling, bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedrooms. However, some companies may charge extra to clean curtains, carpets, backyard etc. hence while selecting a package always ensure that you check their isn’t properly.

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