DIY Project On How to Replace Vinyl Windows

Window replacements are expensive, so several homeowners decide to handle this under DIY project. For some it is a deceptively complex task and are well aware that if it does not get installed properly, even the energy rated window can be useless.

Are you ready for window replacement DIY project?

Special and basic tools as well as skills are needed to install vinyl replacement doors and windows.

  • Cordless drill
  • Caulk gun
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Hearing protection
  • Safety glass
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure

Materials needed

  • Acrylic caulk
  • Shims
  • Insulation
  • Foam backer rod

Steps to install vinyl replacement windows

Measure the dimension

Vinyl windows and doors in Calgary are affordable and preferred option. Measure interior height and width of every window frame from side to side. Even the top to sill. Re-measure all these to ensure accuracy. In majority of cases, old frame dimension matches the standard vinyl window size. These measurements are sued to order from the Calgary center. Price will differ on the basis of brand and features you prefer or need.

Install window from inside. You will need minimum half day to install. Below is summary on steps to replace.

Remove old window

  • Remove inside stop but save it in same place, so as to reuse it.
  • Remove old low window sash.
  • The parting stop needs to be pulled out. Don’t be concerned if it breaks, as you will not be reusing it.
  • Take out old top sash.
  • Open sash pockets to pull the weight out
  • Remove sash cord pulleys then stuff weight pockets with insulation [fiberglass].

Clean and caulk window casing

After removing the old window, you can check the casing. Scrape old insulation and caulking. Remove broken nails or screws, if any. After cleaning the casing, lay thick layer of silicone casing all around the casement, where you will place the window.

Install, center & level new window

  • Push new vinyl frame in place tightly against outside stop, which helps to hold it in place. Make sure it is levelled and shims are in flush with widow casing then drive the mounting screws to secure the frame.

Insulate the new window

  • Foam insulation spray helps to seal window crack and edges. Make sure not to over spray as foam expands and can warp vinyl window.
  • Thoroughly caulk and seal the outside top and bottom window section then install vinyl trim pieces on the exterior and interior.
  • Now reinstall old inside stop.

Take professional help

Some homeowners are concerned about damaging the area and repair cost, during DIY window replacement. Therefore, they approach the professional installers at vinyl windows Edmonton showroom. The reasons to hire professional for window replacement includes –

  • Accurate measurement [single error in measurement can ruin the project]
  • Expertise [Can spot potential issues and resolve prior the development of larger problems]
  • Timeliness [Professionals can pull an old and replace new in not more than an hour, so a ten-window project can be conducted in a single day. You would take a few weeks]
  • Certified and insured [specific training ensures proper knowledge and insurance means technicians are employer covered even if they work for clients]
  • Proper tools [no need to purchase or rent – adds to project cost]

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