How to Detect Flea Infestation in Your House?

Prevention is always better and also easier to solve rather than curing flea infestation. That is because, it is much easier to cure beginning flea infestation as compared to getting rid of one which is already deep-rooted and present at home for much longer period.

How to recognize flea infestation?

One of the obvious evidences of flea infestation is black specks which are found lying around your house. Besides that, if you notice your pets are constantly scratching, which too is another indication.

If you ever suspect your cat or dog is suffering from fleas, then one of the most important things that you must do is comb the core with special flea comb. Also, you can often spot fleas or a few little irregularly -shaped black colour speckle dropping from the coat of your pet.

All these black colour speckles can be flea faecal matter, which consists of little undigested blood. Therefore, try to put some towels, newspapers or wet clothes below your pet.

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Checking your cat/dog

Usually fleas are located in moist, warm areas. Therefore, you must definitely check your pet’s waist, neck, armpits and behind their ears when you doubt your pet may have fleas.

All these warm as well as moist areas are ideal place for fleas to reproduce. Usually, they often crowd here. By combing their coat, you may spot many fleas in such areas.

How you can get rid of flea infestation?

There are number of methods to eliminate flea infestation. Depending upon your personal choice and also whether you want to treat or prevent the problem.

For preventing flea infestation, you may use certain natural repellents, which will deter fleas to come from your pet or house. However, if your pet infested with fleas already, it is possible that your house may already have become the home for fleas too.

Usually 5% of all the fleas are generally on your pet, rest other 95% is lying in the surroundings. In order to treat current flea infestation, use medicines or insecticides that can kill fleas.

While treating your pets if you fail to treat your home simultaneously then reinfestation can occur very quickly. That is because 95% of fleas are settled in your home in the forms of pupae, eggs and larvae.

Besides using medicines and insecticides, even vacuuming is a very effective way of removing plenty of fleas in immature stages. However, it may not solve your problem entirely.

You must also change the vacuum cleaner bag. Vacuuming frequently produces vibrations, that will encourage all the pupae to hatch, and newly hatched fleas will appear.

Also, you must wash pet bedding minimum once in a week to remove all fleas during immature stages of flea life cycle.

By taking all these steps you can also save on pest control Sunshine Coast prices too.

You may also consult a vet if you notice fleas settled on your cats and dogs. They may suggest few medicines or other products like shampoos, sprays etc.

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