Fascinating Legends and Traditions Associated with the Popular Laguiole Knives

Laguiole Knife is stated to be a legendry tool and has great traditional value. This knife was first introduced in a French village and the name was retained as the brand name of the knife. It was introduced to the world by a skilled blacksmith, the pocket knife was originally a favoured tool of farm labours herders and peasants. Later on, its modified model became a favourite knife of all because of its varied usage purpose.

Legends associated with the unique knife:

It was created by a well skilled blacksmith Pierre Jean Calmels for his peasant friends. The knife was strong and short that could be used like a pocket knife to be carried easily anywhere. Thus, the knife started its journey as a usable gift. Then in the beginning of the 19th century the knife got its new look and added features. This made it more popularly and was used as a cutlery tool as well. It soon took prominent place in bar shelves to open wine bottles and in the apron pockets of the chef.

The knife varieties started to expand as every knife craftsman made this legendry Laguiole knife in their own version. Its users saw many facets of the knife all equally perfect to use and to be valued as a treasure. The only issue was the knife cost and it wasn’t available in large numbers.

Then knives manufacturing Companies well known to hold on to traditional making of cutlery items started employing Laguiole knives makers. Hence, the availability of this fabulous kind of knife in its varied variations was proudly displayed in every cutlery store worldwide.

What is quite unique about the knife making it exclusive?

  • It is a masterpiece of a craftsman. Every knife is crafted by a single maker of it without using any machine. Thus, it has certain uncommon features stating its authenticity. The blade and the handle are made of quality expensive materials, thus even the simple knife seems to be highly usable for years.
  • The major feature making it a legendry knife is the ‘Mouche’ meaning a fly specifically a bee. Legend says that Napoleon I honoured the people of Laguiole having bee as their village arm of coats. However, all the knives don’t have the actual design of bee. The appearance of the bee shape on the knives started around 1909. Modern ones were a piece of triangle or nice oval shaped metal.  Elegant pieces have a ring attached to push the blade to close. Now, the most exclusive knives have a small decorative piece symbolizing its speciality.
  • Traditional value of the knife is quite important for the family members as it was passed on from generation to generation in the form of gift or as a lovable treasure asset.

The shape of the knife has tales of its own like looking a shepherd’s cross or looking similar to like mid portion of lady’s leg. The ‘boot’ model pocket knife became more popular as it is quite different from other brand of knives.

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