Select The Best Tile Installers And High Quality Tiles To Guarantee Lasting Results

Tiles play a significant role in interior designing and set the look of the house. They are used to create a preferred ambience. The appearance of a tile makes all the difference and its graphics enhance its overall appearance. Looking to add more charm to your home? Digital tiles have been in trend since 2012.

Before the advent of digital printing, coloured screens were stacked on the tiles. Multi-screened tiles appear pixilated and the lower quality ones are more pixilated. Nevertheless, you can opt for digitally printed tiles as they are of high quality and have a realistic look.

How do I identify a quality tile?

A quality tile is made of porcelain instead of read body ceramic and more durable. It is easy to spot the difference. The back of a porcelain tile is grey/brown and the latter has a red colour. The body of red body tile is softer and cracks easier. If you are looking for durable and quality tiles, digitally printed ceramic tiles are the best.

If you are looking for tilers North shore, Astute Tiling offers quality tiling services. Their team is updated on the current trends and employ advanced techniques in crafting your dream home.

Requirements for a tile installation:

  • Hire skilled tile installers: When it comes to tiles, you should look for functionality, durability and aesthetically pleasing look. Tiles aren’t just decorative modules incorporated in your home. It should be of good quality and meet certain standards. Opt for a CTEF Certified Tile Installer (CTI) as they are skilled and meet industry standards.
  • Include Movement Accommodation Joints: Tiles tend to expand or contract depending on temperature and humidity. Movement accommodation joints are an essential addition especially for floors exposed to sunlight. When there isn’t enough room for expansion, the tiles will pop up over time.
  • Use of quality raw materials: Though prices go up when you opt for high quality materials, the penny spent is worth when considering long-term benefits. You have to pay a price for high quality since this keeps future installation problems at bay.
  • Ensure if the tile installation surface is even and flat: When a substandard surface is detected, it must be fixed before starting the tile installation. Failing to do so will compromise on the quality.
  • Ensure if the tile installation surface is rigid: Some installations with natural stone require additional subflooring, bracing or wall studs. The substrate required for stone tile installations should be twice as right as with ceramic tile installation.
  • Check if the jobsite conditions are controlled: The success of a tile installation is also dependent on the job site. Certain products used in installation require a particular temperature range. It is important to take the conditions into consideration before starting with the installation process.
  • Wait until adequate cure time: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before exposing the tiles to traffic, moisture and temperature changes. The time varies depending on site conditions and materials used.

Selecting the right tile installer is crucial. They are well-aware about the possible problems that could arise with tile installation and take necessary precautions to avoid it.

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