When Should You Prefer Dry Cleaning Option for Your Suit?

Usually, most of our clothes are washed in laundry, while for few special garments and expensive woollen clothes, we prefer to go for dry cleaning. In case of dry cleaning, no water is used and hence they are known as dry-cleaning process.

If you give your clothes to dry cleaners, they will not use any detergents but use only certain cleaning chemicals to dissolve the stains on your clothes. Most of the professional dry-cleaning process, uses either Tetrachloroethylene or Perchloroethylene chemicals.

Both these chemicals are quite popular since the days of 1930’s because of their cleansing properties and also they are non-flammable.

When you send your dirty clothes to any dry-cleaner, they will put your clothes in a huge machine that is a bigger version of your washing machine. All your clothes will be soaked inside the chemical solvents and after that it will be dried and pressed.

However, while going for dry cleaning option, you must be aware about few do’s and don’ts so that you may not take any wrong decision.

Few Do’s for dry cleaning

  • Rotate your suits

If you have couple of suits then you can wear different suits on a different day, instead of wearing the same one every day. This will help you to maintain the quality of your suits and also provide better image about yourself.

  • Only with professional help perform dry cleaning

Always, prefer to use the services of a professional dry-cleaning company and never opt for washing them at your home. This type of cleaning process is little tricky and only professional dry-cleaners can do proper justice to them.

  • Always prefer eco-friendly cleaner

Most of the traditional chemicals used for dry cleaning are too toxic and can produce harmful gases. Therefore, try to find an eco-friendly option, which may not do harm to your heath or the environment.

  • List your items and also take their pictures

Often you may find that while dry-cleaning either few buttons are missing or even your whole cloth may get misplaced. Therefore, it will be better to count all your garments and preferably take their pictures too.

Few Don’ts for dry cleaning

  • Don’t clean regularly

If you regularly wear your suit everyday then there will be reduced pressure on washing your suits. Chemicals used too frequently for your clothes can also reduce their life.

  • Don’t clean yourself

Since many users are not aware about various tricks used during dry cleaning process never try to clean them yourself, which may reduce the life of your expensive woollen clothes. Rather you must depend on professionals.

  • Never hesitate to ask

Always try to ask for the process used for cleaning and try to know more details from the cleaner. Most professional cleaners will be glad to share it with you. If you are going for dry-cleaning for the first time then you must clear all your doubts.

  • Never clean your suit pieces separately

If you have few different pieces of your suit then never clean them separately but should be cleaned together so that their shade remains the same.

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