Things That You Should Know Before Building Your House Extension

Often many homeowners prefer to extend their existing home due to many different reasons. However, it is essential that before going for such project, there must be good amount of thinking and planning.

During the execution of such extension project, you may have to deal with many different companies like Nicholas Carpentry etc. and hence you must be well aware about the following things before you start your project.

  • Reason for extension

Since there can be good amount of expenditure for such kind of project, there must be a good reason for going for such extension project which you must know.

  • How much will cost to you?

If you have decided to go for such project, then you must be well aware about the cost of this project, so that you can ensure the availability of your fund.

  • How much time will it take?

You must also discuss with the contractor, who will be involved in the project and know about how much time will it take to complete the project.

  • What is your plan?

There must be a definite plan available while going for extension and only based on that you can decide your budget and further activities.

  • Check whether you need permission from local authority

While taking up such kind of project, it is always necessary to take approval from the local authority. Make sure that there will be no objection raised during or after the project.

  • Will there be adequate access to the house?

Make sure that while the project is under execution, you must be very clear how will you and your family can get access to the house.

  • Check the conditions of the surrounding of your home

It is also necessary to check the status of the outside area surrounding your home and how will that be affected due to your construction work.

  • Avoid cowboy builders

Make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy building contractor who will not desert you halfway during the project.

  • Whether the new design suit your present home?

Before going ahead with your project, you must consult with few experts and be sure that your proposed design will suit to your existing building structure.

  • Check whether you have chosen the right place to extend

Similarly, along with the experts, you must also ensure that place that you have chosen for extension is the right one.

  • Keep your neighbours informed

When your construction work will progress then there will certainly be inconvenience to your surrounding neighbours. Therefore, as a good neighbour you must seek their permission too.

  • How will you manage while work is in progress?

During the time while work will progress, there will be plenty of movement of various construction items and movement of people too. You must make sure how will keep your existing things protected during the project.

  • Ask for building certificate

After the extension project is completed then don’t forget to obtain building completion certificate from the contractor.

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