Why Hire A White Carpet for Red Carpet Event?

Hosting a glamorous and exclusive event which turn heads is not easy. It is very important that you have done your homework for the big day to give it a luxury feel with a hint of glitz and glitter. Setting the right mood with proper interiors is important.

If you are inviting VIP guests it important that you pay heed to the aesthetic of the space. The success of your event depends of how your guests react to the event planning and you should leave no stone un turn to make a lasting impression.

In Australia, there are lot of options apart from red carpet. There are various types of carpet in various styles, colours and textures. You can easily hire red carpet Melbourne services but you can also try something different and unique. You can consult the experts and understand what the types of carpets they have to offer. Also, you have to share the event theme to them. This will help them giving you the best advice. It is advised to go for muted and pastel themes if you are going to host an event with VIP guests.

What is all about the red carpet?

Rolling out the red carpet for VIP guests is an age-old tradition and it dates centuries back. Now, every person at every event rolls it out. Hence, it has lost its charm as it has become very common. Those days red carpet was rare to get hence, people in earlier days gave much importance to it. Since then from fil stars to business event every one rolls out red carpet that leads to the venue.

Why go for white carpet for a red-carpet event

Not only white is an elegant colour but also it goes well with almost most the event themes. Most people have already had the experience of walking through the red carpet. White carpet will give you the edge when guests will walk through it. They will feel different and notice it. Also, most of the luxurious events have started using muted colours for an event as it does not over powers the whole setting of the event.

White carpet usages

You can use white carpets for most of the event. Make sure you make the theme of the event well blended it with the colour. Even if you are using bright colours with white carpet you must keep white element in the d├ęcor to make a uniform look and make it event look in sync. Aesthetics are something you must give special attention to. With white carpet you should use metal dining which is silver or golden in colour. However, it is better to go with a subtle metallic and not with a lot of sheen


White is the traditional colour for weddings and white carpet will give ultimate happy experience when the bride is walking down the aisle. It will also make the guests seem important part of the wedding. Red carpet for wedding will seem too loud overpowering the gown of the bride. Whereas white carpet will just enhance the whole look and feel of the affair.

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