How to Stay Safe Against the Dangerous Spread of Covid-19?

The outburst of Covid-19 has increased the uncertainties and we are worried about what may happen for ourselves and our loved ones. It is everyone’s responsibility to fight against this health crisis and reduce the spread of this pandemic by following the health guidelines for covid-19.

Here are some tips to fight against the spread of covid-19.

As a first step protect you, loved ones, and others by wearing a mask. Coronavirus spread via droplets that come out when we sneeze or cough or talk. You can choose to wear any surgical mask or KN95 respiratory masks for extra protection during this outbreak.

Use tissues when you sneeze or cough and dispose the tissue immediately in waste basket. You can also use your elbow to sneeze in if you don’t have tissues handy. Thus, you can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and other viruses that is contained in the droplets.

Wash your hands with soap and water frequently or after touching any contaminated surface. Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer handy, to clean your hands as and when required, especially after you touch the high-touch areas like lift, intercom etc.,

Clean your house and other surfaces, like door handles, bannisters, faucets, toilet seats etc., with disinfectants that contains sodium hypochlorite, which can act against any disease producing viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Frequently disinfect the high-touch areas in your house.

It is better to avoid travelling and visiting packed areas like shopping malls, theatres etc., Always follow the social distancing of three feet from other person while in public places. If you are close to the one who sneezes or coughs you increase the chance of getting affected by breathing in those droplets that contain virus.

We will be touching so many things that may be contaminated and when you touch your eyes or mouth, there is a chance of virus being transmitted to your body and you may become sick.

If you have any breathing trouble, fever or cough then immediately seek medical assistance. Keep yourself self-quarantined to avoid spread to your family members. Wear masks when there is a need for contacting them.

Avoid physical contacting with people while greeting to avoid the spread of germs. It is advisable to greet anyone with a nod or bow.

Keep a healthy diet and workout routine in your lock down period. Avoid binge eating, junk food to keep you safe from any kind of illness during this period.

Stay informed about Covid-19 from trusted sources and follows the guidelines of your healthcare provider. At the same time limit the frequency of checking for updates, since it may cause fear and worries about the uncertainties of coronavirus.

Help those people in your locality who is in need of financial help. Stay connected with old aged people and those who are living alone.

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