Top Trending Plumbing Technologies That Are Increasing The Efficiency Of Plumbing Businesses

You may not have marked the change in the plumbing technology. You would have installed the Bluetooth shower speaker, smart shower system, and an automatic dishwasher. These evolving technologies in plumbing businesses are saving lots of time and money for plumbing businesses. These are also in-demand from customers.

Wilco Plumbing Services, in Sydney in the state of New South Wales, is one of the fully licensed and insured plumbers Sydney with the latest technological equipment. They have been providing superior plumbing services like gas fitting and plumbing, clogged drains, maintenance services for residential and commercial plumbing solutions. They conduct regular training sessions for their plumbers for each new technological change in their plumbing system.

Best technologies that are proving to be a boon to plumbing businesses and plumbers

  1. GPS tracking software:It will provide you with the real-time speed and location for easy traceability of your service vehicle. It also indicates the shortest route to the destination and helps in avoiding theft issues.
  2. Service software and Business software:Service software helps you in managing your staff and assigning their job. It also helps in providing customer support. Business software facilitates you with instant billing for on the spot payment. They are more helpful for businesses with different branch locations for maintaining track record.
  3. Waterproof video cameras and grinding chains:The waterproof cameras give the real-time view inside the pipe and drainage to help the plumber locate the blockage. It saves time and effort. The grinding chains help in polishing pipelines and faster drain unclogging.

Few top plumbing technologies that are trending among customers’ demand

  1. Automatic sensor touch-less faucet:Whenever the sensor detects your hand under the faucet, the water flows through it. It avoids water wastage and keeps your loved ones hygienically safe during the Covid19 pandemic. It also prevents the spreading of germs and viruses.
  2. Leak detectors:These devices detect and alert you about a pipe leakage that is likely to happen. It avoids unnecessary wastage of water.
  3. Smart Shower and Toilet:The smart-shower has an adjustable water spray button. The shower can be turned on and off through an app or your voice. The smart-toilet includes automatic touch-less flush, night-lights, auto-closing lid, self-deodorizer, self-cleaning, overflow protection, and many other essential features for your comfort and hygiene.
  4. Tankless Water Heaters:This technology helps in heating only the water that flows through the pipe. Unlike traditional geysers, it does not heat the entire water in the tank and saves on energy consumption.
  5. Smart Irrigation Systems:These are auto-controlled water sprinklers for even distribution of the water to the roots of the plants in your garden. The water sprinkling is automatically controlled based on the weather forecast or can also be operated manually through your smartphones. It reduces your water consumption and saves on your water bill.
  6. Greywater Recycling:The technique of using wastewater, from your washbasin and showers, for watering your lawn and garden is known as greywater recycling. It preserves natural freshwater in drought areas and reduces your water consumption.

Customers are demanding green living solutions to save on their electricity and water bill. They are also more concerned about their comfort living and preserving natural resources from being wasted. The advanced plumbing technologies are offering the customers with better products and services for their hassle-free comforts and recreations.

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