How to Maintain Your Roller Shutters?

Installing roller shutters at home will not only add an attractive stylishness to your home, but also offer your family a very efficient physical protection.  Nowadays, they are quite popular as they can add value to your property.

As summers in Australia are scorching hot, so by having a roller shutter, you can also have sufficient protection from glare and heat. Similarly, during rainy days when the climate gets cold, the window shutters can provide necessary insulation.

Maverick Roller Products knows about your needs to make your home safe by using roller shutters. With regular cleaning roller shutters, you can ensure longevity of your home or commercial roller shutters.

  1. Keep your roller shutters clean

To clean your roller shutter, you must regularly clean as follows –

  • Take mild detergent and mix it in fresh, warm water.
  • By taking a soft cloth, just immerse it inside the above soapy water.
  • Ensure that you properly wring the cloth for removing excess liquid.
  • Now wipe down gently your shutters. By doing this, you will remove abrasive pollutants that must have built up.
  • Spray the mild detergent after closing the shutters.
  • Now take a soft-bristled brush, and gently wipe in an up/down motion on the slats. Ensure that you use such motion to prevent individual slats to get misaligned.
  • Rinse the slats by using clean water.
  • Using a soft cloth, dry the shutters. You must do this only in an up/down motion for preventing the slats from getting misaligned.
  • Now, raise the curtain to fully open it to clean in between the guides.
  • Then take a soft-bristled brush, sweep any dirt or particles from the guide’s inside. Be careful so that wool pike may not dislodge.
  1. Avoid sticky lubricants

You should not try to spray any sticky or silicon-based products, particularly down the tracks because they can always attract dirt. You can always buy lubricant sprays, which is available from nearby local hardware in your neighbourhood.

You can spray a little amount then up and down all the guides and also all other parts located on shutters annually.

  1. Polish

Try to polish any blemishes or scratches to the paintwork of the shutter components by using methylated spirits. It will not affect the paint so much, but can remove the entire dirt, grime, and can bring up a very nice shine on your product.

  1. Check the batteries

The majority of roller shutters that are sold in Australia are 240 Volt Electric models having a wireless remote handset and receiver. Remote shutters will contain a very small battery for sending the signal to the motors.

In case, your light indicator stops working on the handset then most probably the battery must have stopped working. So you must regularly check the battery and replace it if necessary.

Last but not least you must use your shutters regularly. They can always seize up in case you just leave them for too long. So, you must make maximum use of shutters.

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